The Gewellyn Chronicles

The award-winning epic Christian fantasy series about the family that will carry the Truth to the Nine Worlds, and unite Eyru's Lands forever.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

An Bhanrion (The High Queen): The Adventures of Fiona Clark, Book 2

For thousands of years, there had only ever been one An Bhanrion, one High Queen of the Aerielands and Ireland, one Queen with one foot planted firmly in the land of elves and the other foot planted in the land of men. That Queen was Eyru the Magnificent, the first Great High Queen of All the Elves in the Nine Worlds, and since she walked on to the Great North millennia ago, there has been no other… Until now.

Menta Kai Lee Silvarin Yaleria-Clark is Eyru’s successor in the worlds of elves, the new Great High Queen. However, it is her younger sister, Fiona Bridget Yaleria-Brice, who is the new An Bhanrion, the heir to Eyru the Magnificent. 

From her ancient and isolated castle, Caer Aerie, high in the Borderland Mountains of the Aerielands, Fiona is content to teach and raise High Princess Lona, Menta Kai’s heir. And then a redheaded young woman comes through the portal from Ireland with an invitation from Ireland’s first High King, Cormac Mac Art. The young woman is his daughter, Aillbe, and Cormac asks Fiona to adopt her.

Fiona, her husband, Berian Brice, and her best forever friend, and fellow shapeshifter, Alistronia, agree to the Wolf King’s request, and Aillbe Nic Cormac becomes Abilynn Enya Yaleria-Brice. But what mysteries and magic surround this amazing young woman, and why is the Druidess Achtan so fiercely determined to bring her back to Ireland and certain death? To find the truth, the Truthbearer’s daughter will have to return to the land where she was raised, and learn what she needs to do to protect the daughter she has come to love more than her own life, from powers of darkness more ancient than the Aerielands itself.

“An Bhanrion” is the second exciting Adventure of Fiona Clark, and Book Six of the Gewellyn Chronicles, the ongoing saga of faith, family, and friendship that began in “Truthbearer: the Journeys of Connor Clark.”