The Gewellyn Chronicles

The award-winning epic Christian fantasy series about the family that will carry the Truth to the Nine Worlds, and unite Eyru's Lands forever.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

White Owl: The Adventures of Fiona Clark, Book 1

Guardian, Mother, Shapeshifter, Queen

Fiona Bridget Yaleria-Clark is the youngest daughter of Connor Clark and his Elven wife, Iolena. Born 150 years in the future, and hidden deep in the Irish past to save her life, she was reunited with her family in “Truthbearer’s Daughters.” Fiona is impetuous, brash and beautiful, the mirror image of her mother. She is also blessed with the strongest Deep Magic in a very magical family. Her unshakable faith in the Holy Trinity and her family are the rocks on which this half-elf stands.

High Guardian and mother to her adopted daughter, High Princess Lona, Fiona is supported by her fiancĂ© Berian, her best friend and fellow shapeshifter, Alastronia, and the eagle Zedekiah. When they discover an abandoned castle on the northern reaches of the Aerielands, Fiona starts to seek answers which result in her abduction by her family’s nemesis, the Dark Druid, and her return to fifth century Ireland where she was raised by Mother Bridget of Kildare.

But Ireland is as much Fiona’s home as the Aerielands. If she can make it back to Kildare Abbey, she will gain the power that was promised to her in prophecy, to defeat the Dark Druid and the Dark Lord, Declan Dhark. With her new friends, Fillian the leprechaun and the Wolf King, Cormac Mac Art, she will race against time and history, and come face-to-face with herself, while her family searches to rescue her and bring her home.

And then there’s the wedding to plan for…

“White Owl: The Adventures of Fiona Clark” is the first installment of this new series of The Gewellyn Chronicles. An exploit filled with real-life and legendary characters from the history of Ireland, new friends in the Aerielands, and the family that will take the Truth to the Nine Worlds, together.