The Gewellyn Chronicles

The award-winning epic Christian fantasy series about the family that will carry the Truth to the Nine Worlds, and unite Eyru's Lands forever.

Monday, December 17, 2018

New from the Gewellyn Chronicles! Eyru's Heirs: The Adventures of Fiona Clark, the White Owl, Book 3

Book 2, “An Bhanrion” ended with, “As the dragon’s flames took her, the High Queen of the Aerielands and Eyru’s Land, Fiona Bridget Yaleria-Brice turned her face to heaven and prayed.”

Abilynn’s mother, Berian’s wife, Alistronia’s dearest friend, Menta Kai’s sister, and the youngest daughter of the Truthbearer and the Green-Eyed Elf Queen, Connor and Iolena Clark. The Queen who was to unify Eyru’s Lands. The White Owl. What will become of her legacy?

She turned her face to heaven and prayed… And in prayer, hope is born.

And help from an astonishing source.

“Eyru’s Heirs” is the third exciting story in the Adventures of Fiona Clark, from the award-winning fantasy series, The Gewellyn Chronicles.

Revised for 2018! Aerielands Christmas: A Gewellyn Chronicles Novella

Available for a limited time only!

Totally updated to follow the White Owl timeline:

Come back to the Aerielands for Christmas again!

It’s Christmas time in the Aerielands, and Princess Lona wants to invite everyone to Caer Aerie, her mother High Queen Fiona Yaleria-Brice’s remote castle high in the Borderland Mountains. Her sister, Princess Abilynn wants to surprise Lona with a visit from her leprechaun friend, Fillian, but Fillian is afraid to cross the portal from Ireland to the Aerielands. Meanwhile, in the Great Forest Castle, Fiona’s parents, Connor and Iolena Clark, discover a bundle of documents written in Ogham, the ancient language of Ireland, and with it, An Anotais, the Great Sword of Eyru, the very first Great High Queen of All the Elves in the Nine Worlds, that has the power to appear when it believes the High Queen and her Princess are threatened. To solve the puzzle, shapeshifters Fiona, her best friend, Alistronia Skystormer, and daughter Abilynn will return to Ireland, encounter one of the greatest men in Irish history, and her brother who is supposed to kill him.

But it’s Christmas, and in the Aerielands during this season of giving, love is in the air.

“Aerielands Christmas” is a stand-alone short story from the Gewellyn Chronicles, the exciting epic fantasy series that includes “The Journeys of Connor Clark” and “The Adventures of Fiona Clark.” 

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!