The Gewellyn Chronicles

The award-winning epic Christian fantasy series about the family that will carry the Truth to the Nine Worlds, and unite Eyru's Lands forever.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Menta Kai: The Greatest She-Elf in History

We first meet Menta Kai:
     Menta Kai pulled a sword out from its sheath on her belt, and behind me, I heard a noise that told me that Arianna had also withdrawn hers. But rather than raise the sword in combat, she stuck the point into the ground and fell to her knees behind it. I turned my head slightly and whispered, “Everyone breathe normal.”
     Menta Kai spoke. “Your Highness, Queen Iolena of the Great Forest Realm. My name is Menta Kai, I am a warrior, a bounty hunter, an orphan, and a descendant of the elves who traveled south from your homeland years ago. I am loyal, I am trustworthy, and I am dedicated. I confess that I have been following you since you came through the portal two weeks ago. I have helped you in ways that you cannot have known, for I did them in secret. My Lady, I offer here and pledge to you my sword, my bow, and my life, if you will have them.”
     Iolena looked back at me, and I confess I rolled my eyes, although I’m not sure she could see it in the gathering darkness. She gestured for me to come forward. Addressing Menta Kai in the common tongue so I could understand, she said, “I do not know you, Menta Kai, but I appreciate the pledge you are offering. I have two conditions before I will even consider accepting it. First, you must extend your pledge to the Truthbearer. Second, and more importantly, I ask that you lay down your sword, and come into the light, and speak with myself, the Truthbearer and our friends. If they agree on your merit, I will accept your pledge with any conditions that will be determined at a later time.”
     Menta Kai answered by laying her sword on the ground, reaching into the recesses of her cloak, and putting two knives and a dagger on top of it. “My Lady, I pledge myself to the Truthbearer, as to you.”

We Find Out Who She Is:
     I (Connor) looked across at my wife. “Iolena, what does, ‘Bydd hyn yn ferch yn tyfu i fod y hi-Elf mwyaf mewn hanes o'r Naw Byd’ mean?”
     Startled, she looked at me. “Where did you hear that?”
     “Your grandmother, Lady Celantine, whispered it to me before she left to return to the Aerielands. Why, what is it?”
     “Bydd hyn yn ferch yn tyfu i fod y hi-Elf mwyaf mewn hanes o'r Naw Byd” means, literally, “This daughter will grow to be the greatest she-elf in history of the Nine Worlds.” Since she said it to you, I believe my Lady was referring to Menta Kai and not about me. At least I hope she means Menta Kai. My history, present, and future, is with you.”
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