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Saturday, May 23, 2020

"Truthbearer: Juncture of the Nine Worlds" is on the way!

“Truthbearer: Juncture of the Nine Worlds” is finished and in the hands of Draft2Digital awaiting distribution to Amazon, Apple Books, Nook, Kobo, and all other e-book platforms and library sharing services. I’m very excited about this book which went through a number of “birthing pains” to get it to this stage. As I stated in my previous post, I almost gave up on not just J9W, but on writing altogether, until in prayer I was urged to “cast the net one more time on the other side of the boat.” I hope that this book is the fulfillment of that.

“Juncture of the Nine Worlds” has had several different working titles. It started as two separate books, was merged into a single book, and then reverted back to two books when the story became too cumbersome. I think it contains some of the best writing I’ve done to date, as does its sister volume, “Saving Lona,” which will come out later this year.

The other reason I’m excited about this new book is it introduces a sensational new character whom I have previewed in previous posts. You’ve seen her picture, with her flowing auburn hair, steampunk goggles, and mapmaker’s tools. Tessa Chart makes her debut in Juncture of the Nine Worlds as part of the Gewellyn Chronicles universe. She is a young woman who loves adventure, meeting new people, facing new challenges, and trying to keep from breaking the hearts of every young man she meets. Her own series, “Mapmaker: The Amazing Travels of Tessa Chart” is tentatively planned for Thanksgiving release, dependent on when I complete “Saving Lona” and “Gilberton: A Thriller,” my first foray outside of epic Christian fantasy.

In addition, I have given Tessa new partners, Kipling of the Azure Havens, a young hunter who falls for the cartographer until he meets and marries the true love of his life, Enesneth Orora, a Librarian from Ellandaril. (Actually, she’s a Seeker/Guardian from the fabled Library of Ellandaril.) She will also be joined by Talindra Aradove and her father, Doctor Alden Wicker, and his amazing airship, the Aeronaut. But first, she has to prove herself to the Truthbearer, his wife Iolena, and the Great High Queen of All the Elves in the Nine Worlds. It’s going to be a wild ride.

There is one other character who will make her first appearance in the lives of Fiona, Alistronia, and Berian. Who is the mysterious redheaded she-elf who saves the Truthbearer and his family from the dungeon in Ellandaril? “Juncture” is both a sequel to “Song of the Truthbearer,” and a prequel to “An Bhanríon: (The High Queen)” as well as an introduction to “Mapmaker.” Her identity becomes clear in "An Bhanrion."

One note on Tessa’s maps; we are proud to use Campaign Cartographer 3 for producing Tessa’s charts. I hope you enjoy this latest entry, the tenth book of the Gewellyn Chronicles.

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