The Gewellyn Chronicles

The award-winning epic Christian fantasy series about the family that will carry the Truth to the Nine Worlds, and unite Eyru's Lands forever.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Big News Coming Soon!

Get ready for a flurry of activity from the home of the White Owl! If you've read "Truthbearer: Juncture of the Nine Worlds" or "Mapmaker: Red, Green, Blue, and Wolfen," you've already met Tessa Chart, the amazing young Eldarian cartographer who is Princess Lona's BFF. In just the next few weeks, Tessa will become the heartthrob of the Nine Worlds, as her adventures continue in "Truthbearer's Son," (Which introduces us to Connor and Iolena's son, Nathaniel.) "Unification: Saving Gewellyn and the Princess," and finally, "Mapmaker: The Amazing Travels of Tessa Chart." It's going to be an exciting journey!

They say you can't go home again, but we're doing just that as I am re-writing the first book, "Truthbearer: The Journeys of Connor Clark." The new version, entitled, "The Truthbearer" is going to take you farther, deeper, and closer to Connor Clark, his lovely bride, and Guardian, Iolena Yaleria, and their amazing daughter, Menta Kai. It's it a story that needed to be retold, and I think you are going to love where it takes you. We hope to have it published before Realm Makers, in July, 2022.

Finally, concurrent with the release of "Unification" we will be launching our new, totally interactive website. More on that in the days to come. Until then, "Buckle up! It's full steam ahead!" for the Truthbearer, the White Owl, and now, the Mapmaker!